• ALL classes designated exclusively for kids are alcohol-free.
  • You must be 21 to consume alcohol
  • In ALL cases of empty seats, the unused canvas, paints, displays and other art materials remain the property of The Tipsy Canvas®


  • Adult Class - Ages 11 and up*
  • Open Studio - Ages 5 and up
  • Family Friendly Class - Ages 5 and up
  • Kids Class - Ages 5 through 15
  • Children over 15 are considered adult for larger canvas

* Restrictions / Advisory

  • Ages 16 and under are not permitted in an Adult Class/BYOB unless accompanied by a registered/paid parent or legal guardian.
  • Ages 11-17 in a BYOB class may be exposed to an environment of relaxed behavior and language among some adults.


  • Any person consuming alcohol on our premises must be at least 21 years of age, with a legal ID readily available upon request.
  • You may bring any alcohol.
  • Alcohol is not permitted at children's events.
  • Govern your alcohol intake and for those you accompany or invite, with moderate consumption and consideration for others.
  • Any person deemed a disturbance due to overindulging in alcohol or foul language will be asked to leave, without credit to reschedule.
  • Everyone that came with or hosted an ejected person is responsible for arranging safe transportation for his/her removal off our premises.
  • Bring your favorite foods, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, wine or beer to an adult class or open studio.
  • Food may be catered, delivered, fast food or homemade. Consider the length of your class, party or event when making food selections.
  • We do not provide paper goods or food supplies, ice, refrigeration or a microwave oven.


  • Arrive 10 minutes before the start of your event to get an apron, uncorked and seated. Painting starts promptly as scheduled.
  • Walk-ins are welcome as long as painting has not begun and they must pay online before being seated.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to a anyone that arrives after the instructor has started a class or an event.
  • We cannot give individual instructions to late arrivals. They will have to rely on other painters.
  • Painters cannot stop so others can catch up. We work within a scheduled time frame, with pliable paint. Drying paint waits for no one!
  • Painters must finish on time to avoid unfairly keeping our employees onsite, which interferes with our schedules and events that may follow.
  • If a person is a no-show, there will be no credit to reschedule or art materials released to anyone on their behalf.


  • Casual wear is appropriate attire for painting, but select accordingly. Modern acrylic paint is usually water-soluble when wet. It is waterproof when dry. Aprons are provided, but you must still remain alert to avoid an occasional rogue paint brush or flying paint splatter. The Tipsy Canvas® is not responsible for clothing if damaged by paint.


  • Our calendars are updated the 15th day of each month.


We do not give refunds. We issue a credit to reschedule providing a person has complied with our cancellation policy and deadline.

  • A cancellation notice must be sent to us by email, phone call or voicemail so it will be time stamped and validate issuance of a credit.
  • We require a 24 hour cancellation notice before the start of a Class.
  • We require a 7 day cancellation notice from the host before the date of a private party, team builder or fundraiser event.
  • The Tipsy Canvas® reserves the right to cancel a class, party or event due to circumstances beyond their control (e.g., Act of God, power failure, unsafe travel conditions). If a cancellation is necessary, The The Tipsy Canvas® will issue a non-expiring credit to reschedule.


  • The host/parent/chaperone of a minor children is responsible for their supervision, conduct, personal needs and transportation.
  • The host/parent/chaperone of a minor children should not offer painting help or engage in side-conversations with others. Such conduct creates interruptions, distractions and unacceptable noise levels. We urge everyone to be considerate so ALL children in attendance may enjoy their painting experience.


  • Discount offers are not redeemable for private parties, team building, fundraisers, art camp or other non-public class events.
  • Discount offers are redeemable for a Standard Class, Open Studio, Family Class or Kids Class that are not already discounted.
  • Discount offers can only be used one time per recipient, per offer or per purchase, and cannot be combined.
  • If you have a Groupon or similar offer, you must bring a valid voucher or redeemable app. One per person per visit valid for designated classes only.
  • If you have a BOGO you must bring the original card to your class to get credit.


  • We offer offsite classes, private parties, team building, fundraisers and other events. There is an offsite fee of $75 for travel up to 50 miles round trip from our studio and a required minimum of 20 painters of the deluxe kid's party package of $400. If your location is more than 50 miles round trip from our studio, please call us for our fee and number of minimum painters.


  • ALL REGISTRATIONS MUST BE PAID ONLINE using our easy, safe, secure, encrypted reservation system that gives immediate processing.
  • ALL MERCHANDISE PURCHASES MUST BE PAID ONLINE including, but not limit to, Tipsy Canvas t-shirts and paintings.
  • OUR EMPLOYEES ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO ACCEPT PAYMENTS OF ANY KIND (no cash, credit cards or checks) at any time.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid credit card to use our online reservation system.
  • Our reservation system accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.


  • We charge $100.00 per hour room rental to extend a party or event, which must be paid online in advance.
  • Venue rental is $200 per hour for basic parties and events.  A $100 refundable security deposit is also required.


  • Our maximum seating of 60 painters is for paid attendees only, except for a non-painting chaperone for a child in a Kids Class.
  • Any last-minute seat additions over a minimum must be paid online before the start of a party or event.


  • Our premises are monitored by surveillance cameras.


  • We post photos and videos of some of our patrons on social media and our website.


  • Our inventory is for painters in attendance. Failure of a painter to appear at a class, private party, art camp or other painting event does not give anyone a right to take unused art materials on their behalf or for others. A person is not paying for our inventory when they register, they are paying for an art demonstration. ALL unused canvas, paint supplies, art materials and displays are the sole property of The Tipsy Canvas®.

Copyright 2017 The Tipsy Canvas®. All art displayed on this website is subject to copyright protection in favor of The Tipsy Canvas®.

Use of such is prohibited without written authorization from The Tipsy Canvas®.